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I threw a rock at the dragon. Good thing he was allergic to rocks!

Hahaha :D We had a lot of fun coming up with these lines... thanks for playing!

Unfortunately I'm not the chosen one :(


Hi PigDev! :) There is a way to be the chosen one! You just have to keep trying and.... "keep attention" . The dragon is a sharp tongue... and .. it talks to much. Give it another few tries 

i am sure you did recognise the theme for the buttons and the layout of some scenes. :)

I sure did! Hope it was useful. I have a small implementation of KennyNL GUI themes in Godot, I'll make an upload to Godot Asset Library later, maybe people find it useful :D


woah.. the gif looks cool. how did you do? 

send the link of the asset library when you have it. Looking forward to see it