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Seen it on Gaming On Linux YouTube channel - it looks fun, I'm waiting for Steam release to play with friends. Rooting for your great success!

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Thank you Cy, your support means a lot! We are thinking about having a Steam release someday... in the meantime, you can have a similar experience by downloading our game from the app ! It also updates your games automatically.

Ha, the thing is since Steam released Remote Play Together we rarely play any different way. No worries, though. We will wait patiently and buy it as soon as it comes out. :)

Hi, the game NEEDS options to rebind keyboard, and to disable rumbling gamepad.

Noted! Thank you for your feedback :)

Keyboard controls also behave in a very different way from the gamepad. We are planning to make them more similar, i.e., get rid of the "steering left and right" control scheme in favor of "point towards the desired direction". Player feedback strongly suggests that keyboard controls feel unintuitive.

What are your thoughts about this? Which control scheme do you prefer? Should we try to keep them both as a configurable option?

I tend to like "tank" control.

If i press "right", the character goes to its right, not to the right side of the screen. So if the character is currently going south, pressing "right" would make it going west.

So I guess having a configurable option would be welcomed. Do you think it would be also nice to have "tank" controls even when using the gamepad analog stick? Thanks again for the feedback, it is much appreciated :)

I always think that many options are never too many options. So, yes,  tank for keyboard and gamepad and joystick and magic stone and all.

Also, moving with keyboard, and pointing direction with mouse, would be nice. left/right would straff, and the mouse would "turn", like many arcade games do.

Thanks, we'll look into that!


Disable rumbling gamepad is now an option, as of version 0.6.4 :) Thanks again for your feedback!

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Found out about this on, can't wait to try it out!


Thanks! If you have any feedback do not hesitate to let us know here or in our Discord :)

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I just played it! Due to my lack of friends I played it alone, so my overall experience wasn't the greatest.

The game modes are good, I liked the "greedy" one, well designed and offers some good challenge.

The controls tho I feel they are confusing. most of what I could do was with the second action button, m for player 1 and 2 for player 2, the first action button, at least to me, seemed to not perform any action or at least any useful action.

Great! Did you try to select a single character? The game offers a single player match versus a simple AI.

You are absolutely right about keyboard controls! Our intention was to have both buttons perform the same action (fire), but they are used differently while navigating the menus (confirm and cancel). We are thinking about how to streamline this and have a single button for the menus.

That said, we focused almost exclusively in getting the right feel with gamepads. Did you try the game with a gamepad?

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Let us know if you have more comments :)