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Best played with controllers and meat friends!

Superstarfighter gets a new release! The Eelectrons invasion of the galaxy brings three new sports to the game.  An improved physics system and a deformable grid add lots of fun to the already frantic experience of SuperStarfighter!

Build from tag v0.5.0

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SuperStarfighter is a fast-paced local party game for up to 4 players. Outmaneuver and shoot your opponents in a 2d top-down arena, and become an intergalactic champion!

SuperStarfighter is a league in which 5 species (currently), bring their own view to the galaxy. It is a competition in which every game mode is a different "sport". Currently 7 sports are available. 
Guide the ship of your species to the victory. The only thing you need is an analog control (or directional keys on your keyboard) and a button to shoot and dash.

You can play SOLO or against up to other 3 friends - local multiplayer only.

The game is open source and currently under active development here. Help is welcome! :octocat:

Best played with friends and with Gamepads. But you can play with keyboard or joypads. 🎮

Different sports

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Mattek - Paradoxal Activity

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Lots of new features but still lot of things to do still

  1. Improved physics system
  2. Deformable grid
  3. Eelectrons' sports (three new game modes)
  4. Improved *Diamondsnatch* sport


ssf-linux.zip 75 MB
ssf-mac.zip 79 MB
ssf-win.zip 73 MB

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Found out about this on gamingonlinux.com, can't wait to try it out!


Thanks! If you have any feedback do not hesitate to let us know here or in our Discord :) https://discord.gg/3k4NzEj

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I just played it! Due to my lack of friends I played it alone, so my overall experience wasn't the greatest.

The game modes are good, I liked the "greedy" one, well designed and offers some good challenge.

The controls tho I feel they are confusing. most of what I could do was with the second action button, m for player 1 and 2 for player 2, the first action button, at least to me, seemed to not perform any action or at least any useful action.

Great! Did you try to select a single character? The game offers a single player match versus a simple AI.

You are absolutely right about keyboard controls! Our intention was to have both buttons perform the same action (fire), but they are used differently while navigating the menus (confirm and cancel). We are thinking about how to streamline this and have a single button for the menus.

That said, we focused almost exclusively in getting the right feel with gamepads. Did you try the game with a gamepad?

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Let us know if you have more comments :)