A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Press X to summon

WARNING: The game is not ready yet. We didn't have time to finish it, but wanted to upload it anyway for future reference. 

This is a project composed of three ideas and experimentation: 

  • One is traditional chess with fairy pieces (chess-variant) and the implementation of a basilar AI.
  • Second is this one, in which two kings of opposite factions start alone in the board and have to choose if summon a new piece or move. Right now the summoning is just random, but there will be some strategy.
  • Third one will have different kingdoms, you can choose a King and a queen from up to Seven Kingdoms and you have time and mana unit in order to move and/or summon. 


Since the idea of this game is to be played with different people around the internet, the structure of the game is MVC. Where the information is passed by the module Model to the View that just visualize on the board all the modification and action of the player, sending them back to the model. JSON will be the standard


summon-or-move-win.zip 10 MB
summon-or-move-mac.zip 26 MB
summon-or-move-v0.0.1.zip 3.9 MB
files 1.2 MB
pre-release 6.1 MB

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