(Made for GTMK Jam 2020 - Theme: Out of Control)

WARNING: You must have a gamepad controller in order to play this game! You could also run into controller mapping issues if you have an uncommon gamepad (and this could render the game nearly unplayable). See below for a chart of the intended control mappings.

Shoot hostile aliens until your spaceship holds, then survive by boarding another vessel... but wait!

Each spaceship has a unique control scheme! Have you ever wondered how space pilots can fly a plethora of diverse alien spaceships in movies?

There are four spaceship in Out of Controller, each coming with a different holding position for your gamepad controller. Master all four (and switching between them) to achieve a higher-score position in the leaderboard.

(The level stops spawning aliens after a while - Ideally, we wanted the game to last at least until the end of the background music, but we ran short on time at the end of the jam!)

Have fun! :D


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Nice game! Im impressed that you7 added a leaderboeard. Mind telling me how? Cause I might add it on one of my other games.

We use Godot Engine and we stumbled upon Silent Wolf API for Leaderboard. If you use Godot Engine you should give it a try

Thanks so much!

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I don't know what to say :) It's really fun idea and really strange :) Maybe need to try again :D I thinks it's good for this GameJam :)


Thanks for trying it out :D


Fun idea! Music was a bit too loud for me, might want to move it down a bit


Thanks a lot for the feedback :)