The Siege - bugfixing

The first release contained some bugs. We hurried up to fix them. 

Made with Godot Engine v3.0.2 

Source code available on github: 

Change log: v0.2 - bug fix :  

This happened for a confusion we made with git, and a terrible issue we figured about case insensitive filename path for some images resources. It worked well with the Godot execution build-in for MACOSX and Windows, but gives some error on Linux, that we ignore them. 
But we should not have because the problem was hugely present when exporting the executable. We figure this out at 4AM in the morning, three hours before the deadline. And we forgot about some bugs, that we will update, hopefully, the next hours

  • Win condition -  fixed after gameover, sometimes, you can continue playing 
  • Queen death - fixed the queen, in some conditions, could die twice  
  • handle empty deck - fixed empty deck launch segmentation fault

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Mar 26, 2018
the_siege.exe 24 MB
Mar 26, 2018 13 MB
Mar 26, 2018

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